About Our Ohio Human Resources Consulting Services


SolArena offers professional Human Resources support services designed to help individuals and companies to plan, grow, and succeed.  We are based in Ohio and are available to support clients nationwide.

We partner with small to mid-size companies to assess and analyze processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop and recommend appropriate solutions.

Our President

Dave Hamrick


David A. Hamrick formed SolArena HR Strategies to provide expert Human Resources support and guidance to companies who may lack the competencies or required staff to effectively manage the HR discipline. He has a broad range of Human Resources experience including labor relations, union avoidance, recruiting, performance management, career development, diversity program development, employee relations, workers’ compensation, benefits, compensation, and comprehensive compliance issues.

Mr. Hamrick has over 25 years of “real world” HR and business experience. David earned his BA in Organizational Management from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. Mr. Hamrick is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is a current multi-year Chairman of the Board of Directors for a major financial Institution, and has served in an advisory capacity on several executive level HR and organizational committees.

Prior to forming SolArena HR Strategies, David served in key HR leadership positions ranging from a small business start-up to Regional Manager and Director positions in small, mid-size, and large companies. He has managed staff sizes between 2-15 employees including multi-state, multi-facility field personnel. David’s experience ranges from light and heavy manufacturing firms to government contracting for engineering and support service businesses. External customers served in these positions include private sector aerospace and automotive, as well as through government contracts with DoD and NASA.

Our commitment is to providing the best value for our customers

Broad Range Process Outsourcing

Companies often employ full-time HR staff who are fully engaged in managing the day-to-day demands of the job.  Unfortunately, even the best staff can be taxed with those responsibilities at the expense of strategic planning, cost control, compliance, and organizational efficiencies. 

SolArena can provide the executive strategic planning support to expertly manage the fluid demands of any business.  Whether it is in anticipation of growth or an impending contraction or restructuring, we can help design the roadmap to efficiently handle any business scenario effectively and compliantly.

Project-Based Support

In today’s dynamic work environments and constantly changing legislation where federal and state regulations demand compliance, HR must be a top priority for all businesses.

Utilization of consulting services can provide support to businesses of all sizes, facing any number of HR challenges.  Whether your company is experiencing significant growth, is ready to augment your office support staff, or just expertise and resources to ensure need of compliant policies and procedures, utilizing SolArena allows you to gain access to a highly trained HR professional who will provide the specific support you need when you need it.


Why SolArena?

SolArena is a minority, woman-owned business that provides the expertise to manage the most complex of HR opportunities, issues, and challenges.  We are a small business that can provide large-scale support without the added cost and difficulty of dealing with larger, multi-layered firms.  We pledge rapid response to any HR support requested from our clients.